Maldives Internet Banking

With Maldives Internet Banking, you can do your banking at home and away, wherever it’s convenient for you. It is a secure, convenient and easy-to-use service giving you access to banking 24 hours a day anywhere in the world.

BML Advantages

-         It’s a FREE service available to all customers

-         It has more features than any other internet banking service in the Maldives

-         Enhanced security measures with OTP (One-Time Password)

-    Check account balance, transfer money, make loan and credit card payments in a click

-         Pay your bills on time and recharge your mobile phone anytime

-         All banking needs of customers (except withdrawing physical cash) can be fulfilled without waiting in queue


Key Features:

-          No registration or annual fee

-    OTP can be received via mobile and email or generated from Security Token

-          Security Token: MVR 200/- each


How to Apply

-       You can submit a duly completed application form to any of our branches. Maldives Internet Banking Access Authority Form is available at all branches and can also be downloaded from here.

-       Important documents to be presented:

   o  ‘Information Form for Personal Banking Customers’ or ‘Information Form for Business Banking Customers’ in case you have not submitted this form or information provided needs to be updated

   o   for individuals: Copy of National Identity Card

   o   for expatriates: Passport and Work Visa Card

   o   for companies and legal entities: Board Resolution